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Founded in 1997 by Amy Smilovic(New York).

Amy Smilovic has always been style-obsessed, spending her early years creating accessories and clothing to sell at local boutiques in her hometown of Georgia(U.S. state). She is crazy for prints and color in unexpected combinations. She loves luxury with an absolute ease about it - simple but utterly modern. This passion for effortlessly chic style became the foundation on which TIBI was launched.

Company began with a small collection contemporary dresses. Now it produces eleven women's wear collections per year and a full line of women's shoes.

Tibi - brand

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Tibi Anson Cargo Сulottes
454 USD (-40%) 272 USD
Tibi Anson White Culottes
519 USD (-40%) 312 USD
Tibi Black Cargo Pants
454 USD (-30%) 318 USD
Tibi Black Celia Dress
796 USD (-30%) 557 USD
Tibi Black Corset Bodysuit
352 USD (-30%) 246 USD
Tibi Black Plaid Marvel Jacket
910 USD (-60%) 364 USD
Tibi Blue Cargo Pants
558 USD (-40%) 335 USD
Tibi Burgundi Shorts
481 USD (-60%) 192 USD
Tibi Cashmere Sweater
702 USD (-40%) 421 USD
Tibi Celia Blouse
537 USD (-30%) 376 USD
Tibi Celia Pants
613 USD (-30%) 429 USD
Tibi Claude Sequin Layered Dress
1 381 USD (-60%) 552 USD