All about our concept store Marque in Ukraine
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About Marque

MARQUE - is a concept store with niche selection of brands. A place where original pieces of independent designers are concentrated. We value individuality and do not approve of too serious attitude toward fashion. MARQUE has no par. We prefer a healthy alternative to the widely known trends.
The atmosphere in the show room Marque

Home cosiness

Essentially, Marque is a small apartment designed in the spirit of Kiev intelligentsia with inherent comfort and cosiness, whose past is easy to imagine. Everyone coming here is a guest, not a customer.

Collection of clothes and accessories in the boutique Marque


Our guest is unordinary and elegant at the same time. She easily perceives life and fashion, does experiments and is not afraid to be in the spotlight. Clothes for her are the path of self-expression, not self-affirmation. 

A place to relax in the boutique Marque


The absolute uniqueness and no replication. We are in constant search of distinctive brands and always happy to discover them for our guests. Most brands are represented exclusively. 

We not only sell clothes for cosmopolitan women, we unite them.